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Hi :wave:, my name is Margie and I am an old gamer. Yes, I played original pong then those wonderful games like, asteroids, space invaders, Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and many many others. Pong was the beginning for me. I love playing MMORPGs, FPS and Action RPGs. Since I have lost some of my ability to feel half my left hand (medical issues) I have become more of PC gamer. I just love gaming and always looking for something new to experience. Looking forward becoming part of this community and meeting new friends. :smiley:

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Welcome. Glad you finally found us. Always nice to have new members.
Mite be as old as I am bought Atari new at the store! Hahaha
But any questions or comments just ask.
Have fun cheating !
Oh and I still have my original pong system lol