Inviting people to Preview program

I’ll no longer be doing these, as I have no time and the demand is too high for whatever time I have. So I kindly ask if you’re part of the program, to invite anyone who wants one, thanks and kiss my ass.

[details=Open Me][s]Seen some people asking for invites, so if anyone needs one, leave your GT as a reply or PM me it and I’ll get you an invite.


Note that you won’t get any notification that you’ve been invited, but I’ll tell you when I’ve did it. Official confirmation from MS and integration into the preview program can take up to 48 hours+, so be patient. You’ll be prompted to download the program via a message on XBL from MS.

I’ll get to everyone, but just remember that I’m not attached to my Xbox all day like my balls are to me, so bear with me and I’ll get to you all eventually.

Fire away.[/s][/details]

So Like A Preview For Upcoming Things On XBOX 360?
Im Just Wondering.

Yes. You test out backwards compatibility games first and you get system updates first.

I’m pretty sure it’s for X1 only, although I could be wrong. Either way I invited you anyway, if you don’t receive confirmation, chances are you’ve been rejected due to being on the 360.

Sounds good to me. Gamertag is “CoolPanther1074”. Thanks in advance pal.

You’ve been invited, It’ll take a couple of days before MS message you. Until then may I recommend spamming Cheater’s wall.

sounds good

I’m interested in joining
GT xTrueElitz
Thanks in advance!

Invited you along with pl0x man and Disco Bisket , whoever you are.

Could I get an invite please and thanks. GT is kreapi

Invited, you kreapi *******.

Ty bro, thanked OP :smiley:

I’m not 100% sure I’m allowed in the program. But my gamer tag is o IHorney89 o

Chequered past eh? Only one way to find out, invited you.

Please send me an invite…CruelHellraiser

Please send me an invite. I will pay it forward and invite all that I can.
Gt: RobotofSociety

Interested in joining
Gt: Arbitor21

Both invited. Give it a few days and you’ll receive information from MS.

Also invited.

Thank you very much. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Thank you. You are awesome.