Inviting people to Xbox Preview Program | Xbox One

Like the title suggests I have just gotten into the Preview Program. If any of you guys want in as-well, just send me a message over Xbox. GT: l BLAKEonXBOX l, or if you prefer just post your GT in the reply section below. I will notify you when you have been invited. Note that the process is not instantaneous, but I will only take about a day or so, and you’ll be in. You will receive a message from “Xbox Live” saying that you have been entered in the program. Just follow the steps in the message and you should be fine. The purpose of this Program is to test, rate, and request changes to the Xbox One dashboard and the Xbox One as a whole to improve the overall experience of the Xbox One.

I’d like in if possible. My Gamertag is PAVMAN23. Thanks!

This is actually a pretty nice thing to do for the community, of course you aren’t the only one doing it, but I appreciate everyone who is. Thanks a lot, Blake.

No problem n i c k. I’ve haven’t been nearly as active on the site as I should be, so this is my way of giving back to the community that has given to me.

I would like one please:)
GT: MoLsture

I’ll take an invite: SSuffolk


So what are they preview testing now? Just the new update, or is there apps to be tested as well?

I think they’re just testing the upcoming February Update. Though, I may be wrong. I haven’t explored all of the feature yet.

All it is is the xbox one dashboard update and testing the controller firmware.

I can’t seem to update my controller with the new firmware. I it able to updated at the moment?

DO you have a micro usb cable to plug into your controller and xbox one?

Well it’s not February and the update is for February…

No, I just use the play and charge kit cable for that. I’ve done so many times before.

Like I said, I’m not sure.

That what the play and charge kit is is a micro usb cord. But all you have to do is plug it in with the chat adapter and the headset plugged into the controller and it should automatically update it. Unless you havent gotten the update yet since you just got into the preview program, it will take the xbox one a couple of days to recognize that there is an update for the preview program participants. And also, raptor, according to Major Nelson’s website, you can update the firmware for your controller if you are in the preview program.

That might just be it. Thanks!

Could you invite me please,


Dragzilla66 is my Xbox Live account send me an invite to the program if you can.

i would love this GT: GTG L337 System

hey can someone do me the favour of inviteing me my gamertag is crackdownassain