iOS App Developer

I am looking for an iOS app developer to write an app to consume my social networking site’s private API. I am currently looking for someone who can fulfill the following:

  • Have at least 6 months of experience with Objective-C and/or Swift (or be able to prove that you have experience writing iOS apps)
  • Be able to implement a design based on standards that are defined by the website designer
  • Be able to test the app and fix any bugs before the app is released
  • Be able to maintain the app, fixing bugs and accounting for any API changes

The developer will have to be able to provide their own hardware and software. At the moment, don’t have any funding whatsoever, but if we were able to crowdfund the project, then we would be able to provide developers with the hardware and software that they need.

If anyone is interested, or they know someone who may be interested, email me(or have the person interested email me) at Thanks

  • At some point, this will become a paid position