iPad problem (AppleID)

My younger sister bought an iPad off a friend a few years ago and she smashed the screen and never went on again. I pulled it out today to go on it and it says it needs the original appleid for the ipad to be restored. The problem is the appleid is a friend of my sister, and they are no longer friends haha so i cant get her to disable findmyphone thing. Is there any other way to reset?

You can restore it using DFU mode I believe but the iPad will forever be linked to her apple id unless you can get her to remove it.

What chris said with the additional it will be iCloud locked by the email until the friend decides to co-operate

Yeah there is no way around it. There is a number I know to contact Apple directly to disable it but as far as I am aware it is limited to use by retailers if they accept returns on locked iOS devices on accident.

Sounds more like your sister bought a lost or stolen iPad. Just about every time I’ve seen someone buy a locked Apple product it was stolen/lost and locked.

sorted :slight_smile: now. rang apple said if you have the proof of purchase (which she had and I didnt know) email to apple to get it unlocked.