iPhone 5s Jailbreak won't update apps

I need help with my phone. I’m trying to update my apps from all store but when I do it just takes me into the app everytime. I’ve tried restarting but doesn’t fix it. I’ve never had this problem and i haven’t added anything new from cydia

Having the same problem on my iPhone 5 with 7.0.4, if anyone could help me out that would be swell.

What firmware is your device on Aden?

Same as Michael. 7.0.4

Did you try and re install the app? If that doesn’t work, do a reboot of your device.

It’s not me. It’s every device on that firmware just about. Something apple did apparently. I checked over multiple forums and a lot of people have it with no fixes other than update firmware. only work arounds

Go to store/purchased/search the app to update/open and it will update

Would like this thread to stay open if anyone has a fix, not just a work around. Or any other information

^^^^ yeah just about what he said, but you don’t need to search for the app. just click on the app at the update screen and update on the apps page