iPhone 5s Stuck in Recovery Mode from ios 8 Update

So, the day the new update came out, I updated my phone later in the day, evening-ish. Anyways, the update took maybe 45 minutes and my phone restarted like any other phone would with a update. But, my phone displayed the logo to plug into iTunes. I guess I had to restore my phone but as I tried restoring it, it wouldn’t connect to Apple Servers.

Now, I’m stuck in an endless reboot of recovery mode.

I’ve tried: Restoring my phone, letting the phone die, getting third-party programs.

It’s been about three days since I could last use my phone.

Turn off your phone
Hold the home button and plug it into your computer
Continue to hold it until you see the connect to itunes screen

You should be able to restore it and get past the failed update that way.

But I don’t have a backup? :interrobang:

Why didn’t you back up your phone before updating? You are out of luck though unless apple can make a backup at the store.

I’ve had my iPhone for two months, I’m still a noob :/. Don’t you have to manually create a backup?

Sorry to say this, but people have been having big problems updating to ios 8. when my friend did it she lost ALL her pictures. another lost everything he had on the phone. If you can revert back to ios 7 do it, and keep it until the bugs are fixed.

Here’s my one question to you. Was it jailbroken?


Best option I can give you is to put your phone in DFU and attempt a restore, at this point if it doesn’t boot you’ve lost everything anyways that wasn’t backed up to iCloud

Also you’ve only ever used half the potential of your phone by not jailbreaking !!!

How do I go into DFU mode?

Do one thing:

  1. Download Reiboot from any-data-recovery.com and install it on PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone 5S with computer
  3. Click Exit Recovery Mode button