Iphone 6 is randomly filling up storage

I had about 4gb free storage earlier today,now I have none. I went through, deleted all texts, a lot of pictures and videos, apps I don’t use and it gave me a little more storage. Even used i cleaner to clear app cache

I didn’t download anything or take many pictures at all today. And even after freeingup to 1.4gb again, it goes back down to 0 in about 10-15 mins. Just sitting there!!

And just after I posted this, it shows 4.0gb left again…

Not to mention it seems my phone’s battery dies faster and either stays at the same percentage when charging or drains when charging if I use it while charging. Never did that before. Tried resetting it multiple times

Sounds like a worm. Download malware bytes and run a scan. Also turn your phone into safe mode and free up the space again and see what happens.

That requires a log in and can register from the phone. also that has terrible reviews. Anything else? I am jailbroken

Also I didn’t even know about any virus/worm for iOS?

This was happening with my iPhone 6+. I just erased and reset everything then restored all my stuff back from iCloud and it seemed to fix it.

Common misconception. People believe that apple products cannot get viruses, which is untrue. They do get them far less however, but a large reason for that is because they simply do not have the market share that windows does so why would people try to target them as much?

And malware bytes has a good scan, but if you are against it you could always try AVG and see what that turns up.

Sort of an extreme way of removing it.

“I am jailbroken” - There is your problem right there. If your device is Jailbroken it’s going to lose battery quicker with all the third party apps running.

My battery lasts at least 2 days, jailbroken with over 50 tweaks installed. Can’t blame the jailbreak by itself, it’s all about the tweaks you have installed!

Well ****. Mine’s dead after 12 hours. Time to uninstall some stupid tweaks.

Your phone just doesn’t like you.

I’ve been Jailbroken for a while and it just started to do this. I didn’t install any tweaks or update any of them at all. It justrandly started doing it

if it wasn’t jail broken i would have just said take it in and get it repaired but that won’t be accepted as it was jail broken or they would just reset the system to normal then you can re jailbreak it again

I don’t see what jailbreaking has to do with this, if anything that would increase your battery life depending on what you did with it.

Download iFile and check the Trash bin. The same thing happened on my iPad, so the stuff you deleted might have just been removed from the “surface.”

true tbh

Then you must send 1 text to your Mom and you’re done using your phone. No way you’re lasting “2 days” with a jailbroken device.

Gengar bro I can’t tell if you are trolling or not. Jailbreaking is just removing the phone restrictions.