iPhone 6 plus?

so is the plus that much bigger?? looking at new phones not sure what one to get 6 or 6+. also i have 5 now and screen is cracked how much could i could get for it like that? or how much if i get screen fixed? i know its $150 for apple to fix screen and not sure if its worth it or just take that money and put it towards a new phone?

The 6+ is a 5.5" screen and the 5 is a 4", so it is 1.5" larger diagonally. The 6 is 4.7", I like my 6 but would probably go with the 6+ if I could do it over again. The 6+ just weren’t in stock and I wasn’t going to wait. As for your screen if you do it yourself you can do it for $40 or so and it isn’t hard.

I have the 6, I think the screen size would just be too much on a 6+.

It’d be to awkward to use with one hand.

iPhone 6 is great regardless.

Look at what Chris said for specs and such, but I’d like to add that I have the 6+ and it’s awesome. The first week or so it will be a little difficult navigating just because you won’t be used to it, but after you do get used to it, you’ll love it. Definitely get the 6+ if you can. It’s great.

so what gb to get? 16 or 64? i take lots of pics with my phone and i dont have lot of music on it. im leaning towards the 64gb.

Definitely the 64. That gives you tons of space for extra apps, music, podcasts, photos, etc.

I currently have the iPhone 6 plus 128GB and I love it. I came from the S4 and love the switch to Apple. I personally got used to the screen size quickly and doesn’t feel big at all. Once you use it everyday you get used to it.

The 16gb is a joke, it has like 10gb usable. Just get the 64, I have the 128gb and will never go with less again. I love not worrying about how much I’ve used.

I have the 6 Plus. Now looking at an iPhone 4 or 5 it looks more and more like a Nokia from the 18th century. You get used to the big screen and you would never want to get a smaller screen. Think of it like having a big TV, why would you downgrade to a smaller one? And why not spend the extra £$100 for bigger screen and more features?

I went to Verizon store got 6+ wow is it huge, fits good in my hand. the store guy talked me in to Verizon Edge where its $10 a month for phone for 24 months so $249 for 6+.
edge is normally $35 a month but with my plan i get $25 discount on it. seems worth it?

Depends, I always buy my phones outright so I can upgrade whenever but also you’re pretty much renting a phone in a lease to own type deal. If it’s a financial thing I understand the edge program, few of my friends use tmobiles version of it and they like it but wish they would have bought theirs outright!

That isn’t the way edge works unless they’ve changed something. It is $10 a month for using edge plus the cost of the device split up over 24 months. Don’t waste your time with it, just buy the phone outright or sign into a 2 year agreement.

so if i get screen fixed on my old phone iPhone 5 how much is it worth??? where is best place to sell it? ebay?

Depends on if you have it fixed by apple or third party. Apple says they wont work on devices if they are fixed by a third party and drops the price. If it is done by apple you will be lucky to break even after all the ebay fees and what not. I would just try and sell it first with the cracked screen. You will probably get $150 or so before the 13% ebay and paypal fees.

I traded mine in when getting it upgraded to the 6. Got 140£ for it which covered the upfront and then some of the 6.

As long as it’s in good nick you’ll get a decent price for it.

the only issue so far is i took it out of otter box case to clean it and i noticed that the tempered glass was falling off. it came off. going to replace it idk what one to buy? if i should get same one i got from Verizon? I had them put it on the phone when it was new, or are ones on amazon good? i see prices vary of them from $8 to $40.

If you bought verizon branded tempered glass they’ll replace it for free as long as you have the old one!! Just get it reolaced