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Hello everyone,

when i use the app for the iPhone this works basically until the screen of the iPhone is deactivated. After that I have to close and reopen the app on the iPhone to use the options in the app.

This was the case on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 11, other iPhones I could not test.

Thanks for your efforts!

Hello! :slight_smile:

I too previously had an issue with apps closing when the screen was locked, but on an older phone. For me, it turned out to be a memory issue on the phone itself, not with the apps. For example, having too many things running in the background on the phone which were all hogging too much of the phone’s very limited memory.

I’m not saying for definite that this is what’s occurring for you too, but I have not experienced this recently with WeMod remote or any other apps. But I have seen quite a few support threads regarding the issue over in Apple’s community. Here’s something you can try: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6676756.

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Thanks for your answer. I have only installed Wemod, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp on my iPhone 11.

I close all apps when I use Wemod. The iPhone has the A13 Bionic chip processor and 4 GB Ram. I don’t think that’s why? But I am not a smartphone specialist.

So start WeMod and as long as I don’t open another app, WeMod works. But if I change the app and switch back to WeMod, then I can’t click any buttons in WeMod anymore. If I close the app and open it again, it works again.

The ratings in the AppStore are not very positive. There are many people who have problems with WeMod on the iPhone.

Edit: The app does not close, it just does not work. The app stays open all the time, I just can’t click anything. It’s like the focus is lost. Unfortunately I don’t have the problem what the others in the Apple thread have.

Hm? Are we talking about the same app? :laughing:

Both Facebook and WhatsApp are known to be massive memory joggers in the background, even when the apps are closed. Unless you’ve specifically restricted them from operating in the background via your settings (which will also man you probably won’t get real-time notifications, though).

I’ll pass this on for further investigation for you. :slight_smile: It is weird though as I’m not experiencing this myself.

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There is only one WeMod Remote app on my smartphone and it has 2.8 stars of 5 stars. I don’t know why you have different ratings.

App: WeMod Remote
2.8 stars for 9 ratings. The last update one year ago.

Edit: I can’t manage my account in the app at my place either. It only says that I have to open WeMod on my PC. When I start a game, I can only activate the cheats, nothing more. So the screenshots do not apply to the app I can download.

When I search for WeMod, I only find one app. Very funny.

Maybe the rating is something to do with different localities? :man_shrugging:
I know the Android version has low reviews because about 8 out of 10 of them at an educated guess are people upset that the app isn’t free to use, which aren’t actually accurate ratings of the app’s operability itself.

I’ve passed this on, so someone will look into this when they are able to. There’s a bit of a timezone difference between me and the dev team, but they’ll see this at some point. :slight_smile:

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Could really be that it’s because of the locations. Very funny. People complain that it’s only usable with the Pro version. I think it’s a good idea.

Basically, I don’t mind closing and opening the app. I just wanted to let you know that this is the case with me. I’m not a normal smartphone user and really only use my smartphone for writing (Messenger, Whatsapp), phoning and WeMod.

But if no one else has the problem, that’s the way it is. Then I have to live with it. I just already have the iPhone 11 and I was surprised that the iPhone does not seem to be sufficient for the WeMod app.

EDIT: I’m from Germany, if that matters in any way.

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