App Horizon

Iphone Remote app doesnt work

Hi guys,

the remote app on my iphone doesnt work. It connected if i enter the code from the wemod app but then my phone says: Open the WeMod App on your pc. :frowning:
I closed both and i tryed to reconnect it and locked off and signed in but it doesnt work already. What did i wrong or did i something wrong?

You have to start the game from the app wemod press play then after game started you can use the phone app
Cant start game / trainer through phone. It only turns cheats off and on

i already did this but the remote app on my phone says: Open the WeMod App on your pc.
It doesnt switch to another window where i can take the cheats on or off.

Did you close WeMod from the tray? If not you need to close it from the tray otherwise it isn’t actually closed.

yes i restarted my pc and the app too. :confused:

Set the phone down. What happens when u press play in wemod ? Does the game start playing ? If and when the game starts and you can move your character then press the app on your phone

Can you connect from Did you start a game in WeMod first and does it say playing?

if i press play the game will start thats not the problem the problem is i cant set the cheats on or off on my phone.
on the computer it works perfectly but not on my phone.

Try going into settings on your iPhone>General> Storage and iCloud and see if the WeMod app is listed there, if so try deleting it from there so it clears all data from the app as well