iPod touch 5g concept :D

I just did a lil bit of editing of how id like it to be haha with a touch sensetive button! :smiley:

It looks nice :smiley:
But their should be a home button not touch sensitive buttons :stuck_out_tongue:


:lol: that looks sic :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, the reflection is curved… meaning the screen is bent. Pff.

Sick but the top picture looks fake to me.

Exactly, this is just a concept made into a picture by editing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice

LOL @ those commenting like it’s an actual picture xD

Interesting concept, and nicely made!

I like it but if it was touch sensitive (i know its a concept) everytime you put it in your pocket or touch something its gonna go to the lock screen which could get annoying.
But other than that its amazing :smiley:

this would be awesome

this looks like the htc

if it wasent turned on and had the headphones plugged in id be confused if the touch sensitive button is a camera or vise versa 0_o

maybe the light on the bottom could be a touch sensitive home button like the turn on button for the xbox slim!!

A touch sensitive button would be nice but how would you put a case on

That button is usually used to turn on the ipod/iphone so if it were touch sensitive it would turn on in your pocket easily.

if you realised iphones/ipods can only be controlled by your fingers and other certian things :smile:
And this looks Epic.