IPTorrents Giveaway x3

So I have some invites to giveaway to the all exclusive IPTorrents website. As most of you know, IPTorrents is only by invitation only and I have 3 of those invites to giveaway. The first 3 people to message me their email and post on this thread that they have done so will get an invite. And the clock starts now.

Messaged you my email.

messaged to your email

Hook me up.

I didn’t get a message :anguished:

I have more post count than you do so invite me instead since my other account can’t be saved from its bad ratio :smiley:


Clear out your inbox weiner, I cannot send you a confirmation pm.

its not about post count its about who posted first

I bet I’m taller than you too.

im 6 foot

Unfortunately you cannot have dupe accounts especially if you have bad ratio.

k I cleared my email

Not your email bro, your pm inbox on horizon.

ohhh ok brb

I have two accounts already, they both have bad ratios lol. I don’t even think ban anymore for multiple accounts by IP, which wouldn’t matter for me regardless because I use different IP’s for both accounts.

one acc: https://iptorrents.com/userdetails.php?id=1357840 and I’ll link the other if I can remember the pass and if it hasn’t been deleted from inactivity

ok I did it