IpTorrents Giveaway x3

Got 3 invites to the exclusive iptorrents website. The rules are simple:

  1. You must be able to maintain your ratio.

  2. You must not have been banned from iptorrents previously as this will make me lose my invite privileges.

  3. You must not have been a jailed user on iptorrents, being one of these will mean the invitee is disabled for having dupe accounts and I will lose my invite privileges.

  4. You may not get an invite if you already messed up your ratio before as you already have been give a chance to correct it and were not able to maintain it.

If you want an invite and you can maintain everything I said above, you must post down below that you want an invite and private message me on here with your email address.


I Can maintain everything above but may ask a dumb question what’s IPTorrents website?



Thanks for hosting another one UGA Phoenix Mk3! People kept bumping the old one asking for invites, so they would surely want these.

A “private” torrent site.

I would like to have an invite please. Thanks for the giveaway.