Is Call of Duty : Black Ops 3 worth it?

Debating if I want to buy it or not, I hated Advanced Warfare. Is it any better then that? I’ve been playing Cod’s since CoD 2. Mainly want it for the multiplayer & zombies. Is the story good? Is multiplayer good?

Been wanting to know the same thing. I can get ahold of it on pc for like $30 but I know only a few i could play with on PC, but if i got it for my ONE id have plenty to play with, but is the $60 price point worth it…

Honestly, if you’re not going to get fallout, halo or tomb raider. Then yes I think it is worth with it. I haven’t got into a CoD game like this since MW2. Only problem I have with it is Fallout 4.

This! The game is great imo, if you liked Black Ops 2, you’ll like this.

You’re not alone man, I’ve been going back-n-forth with this game on whether or not I should purchase it because Ghosts and Advanced Warfare didn’t interest me; at least from a players standpoint. Granted, those two games were developed by the other two companies under Activision and this game is by Treyarch…

The Only Things I Question, Personally:

  • Maps
    – Unlike Black Ops: 2, I only prefer a few of the maps within Multiplayer.
  • Online Connection
    – Has been giving everyone I know that play it an issue. (Can’t afford dedicated servers?)

I hated Advanced Warfare so I get what you’re saying. However, I love Black Ops 3, maybe cause I’m a Treyarch fan boy lol. But eh it takes a while to adapt to it but you get the hang of it and love it eventually.
TL;DR, buy it, better than advanced warfare.