Is Destiny worth getting?

Title asks it all. Does it get boring after you hit the level cap?

If people have already reached the level cap (which I know they def did) I have one thing to say to them:

No life…lol

BTW, I can only tell you what I thought of the beta (don’t have my copy yet) and even after reaching the level cap then, it was fun trying to find new/better gear and playing PVP.

What is the level cap? The BETA had a low level cap but that’s because it was the BETA. I doubt anyone has hit the level cap yet, but maybe they will soon.

I played the BETA, it was tons of fun and it didn’t get boring - even after hitting level 8 - to change things up you can also start a playthrough with another character class. I think it’s fun and worth getting.

1st: You find all golden chests
2nd: You level to Max on all classes(cap)
3rd: You completed the whole story
4th: You find all the easter eggs & other hidden stuff
5th: Find any glitches & show them off
6th: Repeat with the other two classes
7th: Fight multi-player

If you done all of those in one day, than I give you props & tell you were the king of gaming.
If not, you got work to do guardian.

Sounds great, thanks guys

I do realize 3 & 7 is not valid criticism, but if you claim you have nothing to do, than you are wrong.

Depends on which console you’re getting it for. If you have an Xbox 360, then yes it’s worth it. There’s a deal on the dashboard that if you buy a digital version you also get the Xbox One version completely free as well. Two copies for the price of one for a game that will never get old, priceless! …well sort of. Lol