Is flashing your console really worth it?

I’m really starting to think about it, as I believe you can still go online and play burned disc… which would be the best thing ever…

Pro’s / Con’s anyone?

Hey, I used to have a flashed Xbox 360, I never really liked it because there is so many dodgy game downloads out there. Up to you though.

Pro - Free games and yes you can play online safely
Cons- Possible console ban if you don’t stay up to date

Worth it? Yes as long as your not an idiot with it.

What do you mean “stay up to date with it”?

(Completely new, never modified my console before.)

It’s worth it for the money you’ll save, but it takes some effort if you are doing it personally and there is a risk of getting banned.

Stay up to date on firmware and what’s going on :wink:

Between me and chris posting about firmware it’s not hard

If you do not want to take apart your xbox and keep it open then yes it is

Oh ok cool.
One problem though, i’d be doing it myself…

He means be on the look out for new updates because you could go online with a game that has new security on the disc kinda like forza 4 i have only been banned once and that was because i played MW2 online about 2 weeks before release date >.< so its definitely worth all the hassle if you ask me

It’s not hard I promise, I’ll be more than willing to walk you through it :wink:

Get some good TUTs then.

900th thank for you. xD

Please don’t do it now, eespecially during the Nov ban wave.

/buy a used console from gamestop or gamestation so you know what console you’re buying (hdmi’s are the most reliable) but i’ve only made it through 1 ban wave waiting for new firmware after every update and using ssv2… it’s rare but you can make it through the ban waves

If you’re flashing fw back to a lite on and semi brick the console/can’t get it to intro i have a good dos tutorial here

Make sure you follow what c4e is saying. The actual flashing part is a doddle. Even with liteons.

Is a frogs a s s hole water tight? :smiley:

Ok then.
When ever you can, talk to me on AIM and I’ll start getting the req. items.

Where the **** have you been? You can also get it to intro if you know what you’re doing. It is safe if you get 0800 rips of new games and make sure to burn the old games with all the ap 2.5 checks. I’ve had a flashed console for a while now without a flag. He just needs to stay up to date. I know friends that have had flashed consoles for 3-4 years without a ban.

Seems like I’m probably going to do it…
I’d like to talk to Chris and Instinct on AIM first though.

If your scared of being console banned, just buy a used 360, flash it and play offline. That’s what I do. Single player FTW :smile:

If I had the money to do that I would but only have one console that is 4 years old.