Is Horizon safe?

Okay, here is the breakdown. I installed Horizon years ago. It had a virus and totally messed up my computer. I was able to fix it (luckily) and never used it since because I deemed it a virus. I have used modio for my needs and I hate its layout. Is the download here (on this site) safe? I really do not want a virus on my computer again. Thank you.

We have never distributed a virus or any kind of malware. We use to have optional add-ons that could be declined but most people never read what they were agreeing to install. We have since removed all of those from the installer.

My previous download was not off this site. Sorry if I was confusing. Thanks for replying though. I will give Horizon another try. Have a good day!

for Horizon and Infinity I would only download from a trusted site, nd for hose 2 programs, this is the only site which is trust worthy

boa noite o meu programa não que mais abrir alguém sabe oq pode ter acontecido desentalei e instalei ele mais não.

Lol thats why dont download off youtube and stuff or mediafile unless its posted on here by a admin or dev other than that ive had no problem and ive had it for as long as i can remember

First off, yes Horizon and Infinity downloaded from this site are completely safe. You can be banned from Xbox Live if you’re caught modding.

A word of advice, don’t always trust asking if a download is safe when your asking on the programs site lol.


I was a dumb kid lol

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Yeah, I know. I looked at the website first and it seemed to be a quite diverse community so if the download was unsafe someone would have said “Don’t download it here”.

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Lol i know that feeling when i was 11 i downloaded anything and everything xD lost like 4 computers 500 each

When I just downloaded it my crappy anti virus said it was adware so im scanning with my reliable anti virus right now to be sure its a virus.

Ok its a false positive. Webroot thought it was a virus but malwarebytes says its fine. I trust malwarebytes more lol.

It comes in a bundled installer which is why some AV tag it as malware.
Like you said it’s false positive.
@Chris close this old thread please