Is Horizon safe?

I’ll mostly be using it for adding games and DLC, probably not any modding of my profile or games. I just want to add some DLC’s and games to my XBOX 360, but if I do add DLC’s or games will I have to stay offline of XBOX Live or can I go Online still? I just don’t want to get banned, don’t worry I’ll be using it responsibly.

If the DLC isn’t free it won’t work.

The dlc/game needs to he dlc for you to be able to use it. Otherwise you wipl corrupt it.

only download horizon from this site

As said, the DLC won’t work unless you’re logged onto the profile assigned to it.
If you’re logged in to the profile assigned, simply download it from there. You will have to get a license transfer to do that.

But yes, Horizon is safe.

Then don’t mod. You can’t add games either, will only make it look like you played them. Please search.