Is it possible to become an Xbox One developer to recieve the tools we need?

Is it possible to become an Xbox One developer?

What steps needs to be taken to be officially recognized as a games developer so we can receive the tools needed to create games from scratch.

Obviously we don’t want to create any “real” games but instead use the tools elsewhere :wink:

Its a thought??

You have to send an application to Microsoft and if you are verified, you can receive an development console along with a software development kit to make games/applications.

Check out:

There is currently no way to develop for the console other than that.

Someone beat me to it looooool

News all released this week

I’ve downloaded the Xbox One SDK which is a Mcrosoft Xbox One XVD Driver Installer

The file is 500mb but makes you downloaded 1.5gbfrom Microsoft servers…

I hope this willl allow us to look inside the .XVD files.


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