Is it possible to obtain dvd key without having the original pcb from x360?

Is it possible to obtain the dvd key for a slim x360 that has a liteon DG-165ds drive, without having the original pcb available ?Any help would be very much appreciated?

Yes, you can recover it from the motherboard, but it requires you to RGH or Jtag your console. To get the DVD key, you need the keyvault and the CPU key of the console. Both can be retrieved using either JTAG or RGH (Xell will give you CPU key). I’m not sure what tools you will need for your model, but you will need some special tools to do this work.

Thanks very much for such a fast reply. You are a star !
I have a Corona V2 motherboard, J-R Programmer v2, Coolrunner Rev A, and Corona QSB v3. Would you know if these combined could RGH this system?


I’m not really sure. You should check some good install guides about it. Start with this one Here

Thank you so much for the very professional, easy to understand information that you have taken the time to provide me with.
I’ve checked so many guides and websites trying to find things out, but the information you have given me is second to none. I can’t thank you enough. I feel confident enough to see this through. Without people like you willing to really try help others, I would have no chance of doing this. Thanks to you all for your time and help.
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