Is there a Brink God mode CVAR or DVAR?

I was searching for it but i couldn’t fine it at all. Can you please post one thanks :wink:

I believe that you just have to change one called healthscale :wink:

I couldn’t fine health scale in my save… :anguished:

First you need to set this in set 4

seta net_allowCheats 1

then try seta god 1

Didn’t work. :anguished:

That was a hail mary try these and set the values at 1000



Like this?

Yes micheal.

Yes but make sure to add the cheat cvar before that :3

I just tried it and it makes the bots health crazy high to lol. Is there a DVAR or CVAR for just me?

just use this one found by Ellie

seta g_playtestBalanceHealthScale "500.0"

Same thing :anguished:.

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