Is there a fix for the, "Unreadable Disc" Error? Tempoary or Permenate

Title says all. I’ve cleared my cache and what not and I’m still getting the Unreadable Disc Error. Might take it apart tomorrow and clean my laser. Still, is there a temporary or permenate fix yet?

Cleaning the disc can help sometimes.

Download it to your hard drive(Barrow it from a friend or something) then play it through that.

I can imagine that was the first thing he tried. :smirk:

I suggest you take your copy back to wherever you bought it from, or as you said, clean the laser.

It’s brand new, no scratches so cleaning it won’t benefit much

and my brother won’t let me borrow his Xbox to download it. Besides, it’s the newer Xbox and my HDD won’t fit in the newer ones.

EDIT: Some people are saying it’s a bad batch of discs that were shipped

Yea there is, read about it here! - Modern Warfare 3 Faces Xbox 360 Disc Read Errors - Xbox 360 News at IGN

Try toothpaste.

this happened to me before, but i got it fixed in the weirdest way ever. if i can remember i had to do with open and closing your tray non stop.

Just got done painting my Xbox… I just cleaned the laser too. Gunna test it out.

How exactly did you clean it your supposed to use rubbing alcohol not just water or else it leaves streaks

My disc is exactly the same, hardened edition too. :anguished: I borrowed my friend’s disc, installed it and now it works with my disc.

your disc tray is broke what iv been told is to buy this little meter reading thing u put it on 2 brass things on disc tray and u got to get to 3,2 on this device.
i will find out wot the device is called for u or if anyone knows wot im try to lell him let him know

Has one of your friends got MW3? (Stupid question)

Ask to borrow their’s for like 30 minutes to install on your Xbox. As long as you Xbox still says play MW3 (Your copy), you will be fine :smile: