Is there a L.A. Noire Game Save Editor?

The title says it all. :smile:

Oscar made on a while ago, and Gabe is/was suppose to be working on one for Horizon.

I’ll find a link to Oscar’s, give me a second.

Oscar is a boss. He has made some good programs.

I don’t believe there is a save game editor, however there is a save game decrypter.

I am very stupid so the decrypter makes it easier to read? Sorry, not the best at this stuff.

I was going to make a tool using Oscars decrypter. I’m still playing through the game though.

Damn, it was a Decrypter, not an Editor, sorry.

Here is the link though

Yes, you can see the values in the Save, so edit them, then encrypt, the Rehash and Resign.

Im having a problem with the decrypter. It wont open even if I run as Admin.

Its command line usage.
Open CMD and drag in the exe.
Then hit enter, you should see the usage.

You don’t run it according to Oscar, it’s a command line process.

Once I hit enter how exactly do I decrypt the save? Im a moron, I know.

Put “-d” for decrypt and “-e” for encrypt, look at the picture I posted.

Nevermind I got it. Next do I drag it into a hex editor?