Is there a offline installer for Infinity on PC?

The installer I download from the wemod web site does not loading, stuck on 0% for ever.
Thank you.

We do not offer an offline installer. If it is stuck at 0% your AV/Firewall is blocking it from downloading the required files. Disable both and run as admin.

I did add it to exclusion but it still does not load
And deleted the old infinity files.

What AV are you using?

Malwarebytes that it.
Is it because of the network problem? As you know im in China. The great firewall might be blocking it?

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Welp I didn’t know that but try a VPN. maybe that’ll work

I don’t trust AV and firewall whitelists. I don’t know what they go by, but they never seem to work properly. I’d recommend completely disabling everything about both of them for the install.