Is there a way to transfer modded games saves to xbox one with out a 360?

title say it all im trying to mod red dead redemption 360 problem is I don’t have a 360 but xbox uses cloud for saved games anyway I can mod my gamesave and transfer it to my xbox by usb?

Probably not. what you are asking for is exactly what cant happen.

@Booty_McScooty is correct. There is currently no way to transfer Xbox 360 saves to an Xbox One unless the cloud save feature is used. If it’s worth it to you, I would look into getting a 360 since they are fairly cheap nowadays (can probably get one new or very good used under 200 USD).

Hope this answers your question :smiley:

thats a lot for a 360 in the uk you can get one for £20-£50
that works like its brand new