Is there a way to transfer points to another account?

I have about 2600 microsoft points in my account but that account is banned from gears, can i create a new account and transfer the points to that one? Has anyone done something like this before by calling up microsoft?

No you cannot transfer points.

no you can’t

I’m not sure, however you could try calling Xbox Support and ask them.

You can’t, Microsoft won’t allow it.

Back in the day you could gift Microsoft points but the feature was removed. I would try emailing them and see if they will export your points to the nearest code value, which for you would be 2100 + 400.

No, but you can call Microsoft and complain about something stupid and they would probably give you MSP on the other account.

ill give them a call then anyways worth a try, thx for the quick responses.

you can only if your account is on a family gold pack and only the owner of the family gold pack can transfer the points but other than that you cant

Yes, you can. If you and the new account create a family membership. You are suppose to go on the account that has the MSP and create a family then put that you are the parent. Then it will ask you to add your sons/daughter’s gamertag, for this you just put the other account. Then you go to the family settings or to the profile then press gift MSP then you enter the number of MSP you want. And Wala!!

If MS doesn’t allow it, just download DLC on your account and run the game, sign out and sign in with your main.

If the actual profile gets banned you can get anything on the account like membership or microsoft points transferred onto a new account :smile:

except it’s $99 for a family pack and he has about $26 worth of points so it’s pretty pointless to do it like that. but it does work