Is there a way?

IS there a way to find your profiles email adress without loggining in to your account? Awnser quickly im desperate

psst nobody will tell you as its screams out your asking to help with naughty plans you have

psst I own the account, i only forgot the email adress

you possibly may not believe it. But i have the account just offline missing the email that i used back then. I forgot because the common auto sign in makes you forget it until that red ring of death hits you and makes you soo mad because everything is gone. luckily i have a transfer device to get it back but i cant sign in the account. i know the password, i just dont know the gmail.

Contact M$

I did, they were no help.

Its one obvious reason why emails is not shared publicly.
Try call M$, i dont have any other advice for you.

You dont have to place my email publically, you can just PM me. MIcrosoft couldnt help because to find your email you have to guess it. But if i forgot it, i forgot it. I have my profile i dont see what other proof i need

Not like that dude, of course i would PM it to you. But what im saying is that its not public info.
Therefor its hard to get to.

Dont you use the email any other place than your Xbox?
And btw, dont you have anything tied to your account?

If not, your kinda doomed. Make a new account lad.

Is there a way it can be moved to a different email adress atleast?

Yes it is, but you need to be logged in for that.
If not, i would have stolen everyones account.


No seriously, would make much cash on that.

For real tho, if you cant login you cant cahnge email.
And if M$ cant help you. We cant either

I know its not a joke. Imagine your account was just out there missing and you try to find a way to get it back only for no1 to help you out.

I do, i really do dude. But… We cant help you, i wish i could.

However, be more structured in the future both with email and password.
Thats the only thing that would work.

You can always try M$ again.

It’s a bummer, but like MrPrecise said, there’s literally nothing we can do for you as far as providing your gmail account. We’re members of a modding community, not official microsoft devs.

The best advice I can give you, is that if you had some sort of payment option attached to the account to purchase games on demand or gold membership, then you may be able to get xbox tech support to give you the email attached to the account, provided you can tell them the last 4 digits of the payment option. And that’s just a big IF.

Also, if you logged into the gmail account on your home computer and haven’t wiped saved passwords in a while, you can easily look to see what gmail accounts you’ve used.

For instance in Chrome, go to chrome://settings/passwords and in the search type “” or “gmail” without the quotation marks

Do you use a windows PC?
If yes, is it by any chance Windows 10?

If yes again…Lmao, I might have you a back door.
Since M$ made Win10 their “Center of the Universe” in terms anything running the most current windows software it is sorta easy to backdoor certain things.

It is by far not a very secure O/S, but meh if someone is going to hack you it really doesn’t matter how secure it is: Only how determined they are to crack it and get in your stuff.

Try putting your old HDD in a new xbox :stuck_out_tongue: