Is there anyway to edit a websites html on an iPhone?

I’m trying to find a way to edit a websites html on an iphone? Similar to using the F12 key on a computer and edit things like for example the forum names on this website? Obviously it won’t stick and no one else could see it but me on my iPhone, but I’ve just been trying to find a way to do this.

Html editors out there won’t change. I can view the websites source but if I try and edit it a little it won’t change at all

My phone is Jailbroken if that helps as well

The only thing I have seen would be to have Web Editing enabled in Safari and plugging your phone in, Ill keep looking though.

EDIT (This is basically what you are looking for but it has to be used with a computer too):

I’m trying to find something on the go :confused:

Think it’s possible to maybe use ifile to change it fr having to connect to the computer?