Is there - Lego Batman Mod Tool?

Hey guys, does anyone know if there is a Lego Batman Mod Tool, if some please can someone link me :smile::thumbsup:


Try hex editing your save

I’ve tried and failed.

upload save and give details of whats in it. Someone might take a look
I’ll have a go maybe =)

Try to use some Lego tool:D

Just hex edit the save. :3

Or find a modded save on youtube.

um i dont think so

Tried a few off Modio’ save game thingy.Every time I load, it’s corrupt… Starting to annoy me.

Modio Sucks,
Horizon FTW

If Horizon had a game save database I’d use it. So Modio is my only hope to find a save.

Upload save and information regarding it

What region are you in? I recently save gamed this and it worked fine.

I’m PAL, everytime I use this save off Modio, change the ID’s, Rehash & Resign, the savegame is always corrupt. Fine on the memory tab on Xbox, just loading while on Lego Batman game it’s self.

I would reckon its because the game actually cares about region. Is their anything in particular you need help with because if you use the cheats (they do not block ahcievements) the game is pretty easy, just mildly time consuming collecting the last few things.

if you upload a save for it someone will have a look at it and maybe make a mod tool for it just saying

I just wanted 100% so I can use everything on Free Play etc…


There’s a checksum on all Lego game’s that I could never figure out :\

I’m going to try again since I’m bored.

aks cheater912 and he might sort somthing out for you bro.

Just use the cheats there are a bucket full of them and you can still get the achievements