Is there something similar to Horizon for PS3?

Hey guys, apologies if this has been asked before. I searched here and didn’t see anything, and unfortunately, Google keeps giving me links to Ace Combat: Assault Horizon for the PS3 when I try to use it.

So simply put, is there something similar to Horizon for PS3? I know that there was a program that could unlock your trophies if you had a hacked console, but it didn’t work if you connected online (it was just for you to see).

Do you guys happen to know something that is similar to Horizon that would work for this purpose?

I wish there was, honestly.
But no, there isn’t as there isn’t a deman like the Xbox has been.

Only thing that you can do to mod anything on the PS3 is to jailbreak it and KaKaRoTo has yet to release the Jailbreak for 4.00. He says he has one working though

I second that… could help with some games editors…:frowning:

Darn, that’s unfortunate.
Well, thanks anyways guys. Appreciate the responses :smile:

jailbreaking a ps3 is like jtagging an xbox, you guys can jailbreak with a usb and hack every game. Xbox cant do that, that is why there are so many Game modding tools for xbox

I think you all are forgetting about Xploder

Yeah, I’ve got mine jailbroken and spoofed so I can connect to PSN and all, I was just hoping there was a Horizon-esque trophy hacking program.

Well, loading game saves is one way to do it I suppose. Thanks SmallZzy, I’ll check that out.

Horizon is too amazing to be used on a PS3 :smiley:

I think you can get Homebrew for a PS3 tho.

Horizon is SICK!!! XBOX IS SICK!!! PS3 i have no idea i dont have one LoL


And that is going to help how?

OT: tbh if there is one, its probably be a piece of ****. No big ones that I know of, though. Just single game editors here and there.

lol :wink:

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