Is this considered a good laptop for graphic design?

So I have been reading up lately on some good laptops for designing. So I wanna know how good is this laptop?

Bruh that laptop it intended for gaming, granted the video card isn’t amazing. Are you just using photoshop or nah?

That sorta money, you may as well buy the Razer Blade.

Photoshop and Cinema 4D, I might soon get into VRAY.

inb4 mac

I will never buy a Mac.

On sale

I personally use a Mac for graphic design for my job, nothing wrong with them if you have the money to afford it.
That laptop should get the job down. I imagine you’re only using Cinema 4D for text and what not, full blown rendering is better on a built PC.

For graphic design just look at the ram capacity, type, and speed, along with the CPU type and speed.