Is this website trustworthy?

I am looking for Verdun, Tannenburg, or Izonzo cheats and whenever i download the file it says that it could harm my computer. Is it safe or is this a virus?

Been using this trainer for a while and nothing out of the ordinary happened to me, so its safe. Just follow any instructions they give and don’t use it for online stuff if you dont want to get banned.

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Every now and again, trainers will trigger what’s called a “false positive” in antivirus programs. The only reason this happens is because of the way trainers work - which is by injecting code into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM that a game is running on.

WeMod also uses state-of-the-art encryption to prevent its trainers being “stolen” by leeches, or ripped and re-uploaded with shady junk in them. Antiviruses cannot identify this encryption (which is a good thing!) so trainers sometimes get a false positive for that reason too.

You can find this information by using the search feature in the top-right of the community. For example: My antivirus marked WeMod as a Trojan

We do not and never will have a trainer for Verdun. It is a server-side game, which are impossible to modify with trainers.

Trainers only work on client-sided games - aka games running on your PC - not from a server hundreds/thousands of miles away from you). Because, as said, trainers inject code into RAM memory addresses, which is not possible if the game isn’t running on your PC.

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Been using the trainers for over two years across a variety of games. This is the safest I’ve ever been!

I have used the desktop/mobile apps for years, and have been a pro member for the majority of that time. It is safe, and I have never once had any information comprimised.

However, using cheats found on WeMod to gain an unfair advantage in multiplayer games can result in bans and such in said games or on the platforms providing them. WeMod cheats are exclysivley meant for singleplayer/solo games, and any consequences of using them on others in a multiplayer environment will be solely on you.