Is Wemod safe to use on Second Extinction?

I want it for SP but the game requires you to be online for them to collect game data as they make changes to the maps based on use. The last thing I want is to be banned. I just want the game easier for SP.

WeMod is safe to use in singleplayer campaign.

Just to be clear, in this game, you do not select Single Player or Coop. When you play Single Player, you are just playing a private coop game with only you in the game. Is your comment still true?


Sorry for all the questions. When I said private game, I meant not public. It would be invite only. The game would still be online coop playing alone. Still OK?

I wouldn’t. Trainers are for singleplayer use only no online

Yea, I don’t want to cheat in MP, just make my SP experience a bit easier but this game requires you to be online to play it as SP. As I mentioned, it is really online coop just by yourself.