Issues with fresh install

The app stopped working, so in the past I could uninstall and reinstall to fix it. I uninstalled just fine, but now everytime I try to reinstall it says it requires an internet connection to install for the first time and states that my computer seems to be disconnected. But I’m not disconnected. I did a speedtest on my wifi connection and I’m getting my normal 525 Mbps. I’, able to search the internet just fine. I just don’t know what the issue is. The app was working fine yesterday.
I’ve already tried deleting the wemod folder in appdata/local and appdata/roaming and squirreltemp in appdata/local and resetting my computer and it didn’t help. I also tried resetting my modem and router, but no help there either.

There was a disruption in our service earlier! We apologize about any inconvenience!

Have you tried it restarting it since you have made this post?