It won't allow any drags into Horizon

I have tried downloading around 3 things with about every single one
of them not dragging into Horizon.By the way does it matter if they are downloading as
.bin files and is there any way to change it to a .zip file.
All I am asking:
Why won’t anything drag into Horizon?
Does it matter if it is a .bin file?
If it being a .bin file is a problem how do I change it?


You can’t drag .zip files in. Only Xbox supported packages.
For the not being able to drag and drop into Horizon, try disabled UAC. To do this, simply search “UAC” in the start menu and hit enter. It will bring you to something similar to this:

From there, drag the bar all the way down and hit “OK”:

Restart your PC or laptop?
Sometimes if using wireless mouse they cause this problem to not drag and drop.

Yo Pavman and icecode,I am so thankful you two are so awesome.cheers for the help!
Your both getting thanks.HappyHolidaysto you both

Happy Holidays to you too! Glad you could get it working. Closed.