It's Official, MW3 beta 7/20

Here is the Start Screen that FourZeroTwo released today.



can I haz your paint skillz?

Stop trollin my thread

Dude what are you talking about this is hella LEGIT! < 3

****ing LEGIT!

cant wait to play!

OMG MW3 is a stick figure warfare FPS, i cant wait :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, he just trolled Infinity Ward. lol

hella LEGIT!

i donated 2 cents for this game its gonna be big!

Not again…

Looks like Infinity Ward really stepped up on the graphics

wo fak hoovr bileevs thiz is a lleech


Finally I new they would finally make the changes needed to make the series awesome again.

This made my day
I’m so psyched :laughing:

Do you expect anyone to believe anything coming from your mouth about a MW3 ‘beta’ after that little stunt you pulled :stuck_out_tongue:

Graphics look insane.