iTunes 12 Problem

Alright, so I just updated to the latest iTunes and my iPhone won’t even sync. I sync manually. Usually when I plug it in it will even charge my phone, but it’s not. Before I updated my iTunes my iPhone would sync normally, but ever since I updated it, it won’t even sync, or show that there is a device connected. I was wondering If anyone else is having this problem and if anyone knows how to fix it. Thank you!

I have to say it: you might be better off going here so you can get help from the iTunes company instead of wasting your time here.

Not that someone couldn’t help you here, I just feel like you’re better off going there.

Common problem ammong iPhone users. What you are going to do is uninstall all programs from iTunes.

Reinstall the latest iTunes version from this link

Change USB input and run iTunes as administrator. If this don’t work I suggest using Geozoide’s advice and either contact Apple or use their support forum.

Good luck!