Itunes adding 2gb of app storage on my iphone?

i have an iphone 6 16gb so im very limited on space. i only have 18 apps, and when i edit which apps i want to keep in itunes, it shows i have 9gb of data left. once i sync, it randomly adds 2gbs of data onto my phone so now im down to 7gb.

anyone know what its adding and how to get rid of it?

itunes already shows i can only use 12gb of my 16gb thanks to the ios8 so that extra 2gb shouldnt be for iso 8

before syncing apps

after syncing apps

anyone have an idea? i went through my apps to see if there were any saved pictures or videos or anything like that and deleted what was there, but it still adds 2gb to my phone. that 2gb is very precious on a 16gb :cry:

Maybe its just updates that run in the background or something? isn’t the new IOS like 2gbs?

yeah but the os would have been part of the 4gb that isn’t available on my phone. i can only use 12gb of storage on my 16gb phone when it was fresh out of the box