I've been reading around... (About Achievement Unlocker)

I’m a bit new to the Xbox 360 hacking/modding scene, so bear with me that I might have no idea what I’m talking about, and don’t flame me.

I’ve been reading around the forums and I see mixed advice about the Achievement Unlocker through various threads and posts. Some say to unlock achievements online with a timestamp, some say unlock them offline, some say do some of both. -double facepalm- I’ve received such a headache browsing around seeing different advice in every post I go to, and I just want a flat answer as to how I should get my achievements unlocked.

What do I want to unlock? What do I have to unlock? I have many legit games on my account that contain a surplus amount of OFFLINE / NON-MULTIPLAYER / NON-XBOX LIVE achievements. How should I unlock those offline achievements, and how fast should I unlock them? 250 Gamerscore per day? How do I stay safe from Microsoft’s banhammer or reset button? Should I unlock them offline or online? Advice as to what I should do is very appreciated.

I do not plan on unlocking any online-required achievements, and if I do I will consult the forum first by posting a thread. If you want to give me some advice on unlocking online-required achievements, by all means go ahead but as far as I’ve read around the forum, it doesn’t look safe, or at least as safe as offline ones :confused:. I could be wrong altogether, let me know by posting down below.


If you only are doing offline achievements, then just unlock them offline. Unlock them at a rate that you feel would be sensible.

You’ll get reset either way so IMO it’s a little pointless. (Don’t mean to burst your bubble)

Thanks for the fast reply. Okay, unlock as offline that helps, but, I don’t know what would be a sensible rate to unlock them at, as I’ve stated above I’m a total noob to this stuff :confused:. Just wanna make sure I’m doing it right, and not screw up.

Modding your gamerscore is pointless. But if you really want to make your profile bigger and slower with no real gain then only mod one game per day (1000G), and avoid online chieves.

Once I modded 12k in one go (all offline, including online achievements and nothing happened). I didn’t get caught/banned/reset.

Unlock 500g per day or so. If you wanted to be extra safe you could unlock 500g before you go out or something, and then sign in to Xbox Live when you get home .

Well, just think. On average, how much achievement points do you/friends unlock in one week?
Personally, I don’t really go for achievements, I just play to have fun, and i manage around 100 a day. (Also depends cuz most of the time I’ll just play 1 game the entire day.)

I always recommend you unlock achievements with the online button. It makes it look more legitimate.
If you’re going to unlock achievements, play the game the day you’re going to do it. This will give the effect you were playing the game. There’s no point in unlocking achievements on a game you played a month ago, right?
If you are unlocking achievements online, add a legitimate timestamp.
I recommend unlocking no more than 300 gamerscore a day. Make sure to unlock the achievements in the correct order.

Unlocking them offline works rather well. I got 200k in under a month from mostly offline achievements. If you’re going to use the game adder, then make sure that you sync the games to your account before modding the achievements, or they will get removed. I managed to get away with a few thousand gamerscore per day, but it might be safer to go a little lower than that. Maybe 1000 or so per day. I don’t think you will get banned for this; if you get caught, you’ll most likely just be reset.

I don’t unlock a lot of achievements at all really, I’m not so much of a single-player kind of guy unless of some very rare exception. My current gamerscore is around 4k legit, and I have had my account for around 3-4 years now. I’ll do 500g / day and see where that gets me, since it’s recommended.

@Elliot, I have to say, you just got lucky.

EDIT: So in order as well, hm?

@Imitate - Do I really need to have the game I am about to mod achievements as the game I just previously played? I mean, when I’m offline they can’t tell what I played last. As I said before, I only want to really touch up on offline achievements.

I forgot to mention that. That’s really important if you don’t plan on getting caught.

If you’re going to unlock them offline, don’t worry about order.
If you are going to unlock achievements for a game you don’t have, you can unlock them offline or unlock them online at the last time you played the game.

Oh, so don’t worry about the order when unlocking offline achievements? Neato, thanks for that tip, saves me some time and possibly a buttload of clicks :wink:. I would go on the game again on LIVE just to say that I played it recently, but… unfortunately I lost some of the game discs (one was a Burger King game that came with a kids meal back in like 07, serious, I think my cousins have the disc it’s not in my possession). Is it still okay to get me the offline achievements if I haven’t played the game for a long time? Long time = 2 months+.

I probably wouldn’t. It’s too long.
I’d probably use the online feature and timestamp them to the date you owned the game.

This confuses me. If I unlock offline achievements on an offline game like the Burger King Sneak King game, would Microsoft be able to tell I modded those achievements? I got 2 on my own back then when I fiddled around with it, but there are like 8 more. 200 GS total.

Yes you do need to worry about order, even if it’s offline. If you get an achievement for finishing the campaign before you get the achievement for doing one mission, how do you think that will look? You’re better off unlocking them in order, regardless of offline or online. And it’s still easier to unlock offline, because otherwise you have to do timestamps and stuff.

But it doesn’t sync until you sign into LIVE again with that modded profile, meaning if you unlock the offline achievements all at the same time, then log on it looks like you got them all offline, right? They can’t track when you got that achievement when you got it offline, right?

They can’t track when you got it offline, but you need to order them correctly. So unlock the achievement for doing the first mission first, second mission second etc.

i only use the achievement unlocker to unlock those that i miss or cant get, i always make sure to play lots of the game so it seems legit…i use le flufie to see what the time stamp was of the in between unlocks, then use horizon to put in my time stamp, i don’t use it for GS boosting, just for those PITA ones

Why’s that? What’s the reason for that? Just curious, since, correct me if I’m wrong, they’re all sync’d at the same time once you sign in.