iXtreme LT+ 1.9 [13146]

C4eva Persents: “iXtreme Lite Touch Fireware Pack”

This version is for dashboard version 2.0.13146.0 – It has no XGD3 backup support but is based on the latest firmware as updated by the new dashboard update.

LiteOn LT+ 1.9
BenQ LT+ 1.9
Samsung LT+ 1.9

iXtreme LT+ 1.9 Pack: Get iXtreme LT+ 1.9.rar on Wupload.com
JungleFlasher v0.1.84 Beta (250): http://www.wupload.com/file/18723866

So does this bypass the latest update???

Is it online safe? also If your console was already updated can you still do it or no?

Yes, I meant to put “13146.”

the whole reasoon it was just released is cus it was tested and is online safe although youre never %100 safe with modded firmware on your dvd drive cus they eventually find out

Can you still flash your drive even with 13146?

Sweet finally I can go back online soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can, you just need the newest jungleflasher. I’ll add it to my op.


Thanks for the good news :smile:

Why is the slim and stuff in there? There is no released FW for it yet

Here is the official DL link from Ixtreme.net

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: Latest_iXtreme_and_Stock_Firmware_Pack.rar

iXtreme LT+ 1.9 Download

and official jungle flasher DL
Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: JungleFlasher.0.1.84.Beta(250).rar

Jungle Flasher - Downloads

I just did my BenQ and it worked without any trouble.

My links are mirrors of the official ones. I reuploaded them because if you’re like me after downloading one file from hotfile you have to wait like 15 or 30 mins to download another one.

Im playing my burned games again! I just flashed!

So I have a couple questions for you, I’ve updated my DVD Drive before in the past. Is this the same concept? Just load the dummy.bin and the new 1.9, create CFW then just flash?

I haven’t updated to the new dash so should I flash to stock or just update normal and have M$ right over my drive? I’m running a Fat series 7 Liteon

If you have your DVD KEY you can update your dashboard and then reflash without any problems. If you don’t have your DVD KEY you’ll need to updated then extract it with one of the probes. All you need to do is create the CFW with your Key and flash it.

Cool I have my key from when I flashed with 1.0 along time ago…That’s what I really need to know. So update and re flash. Thanks

Is this one compatible with the 0225 disk tray? :o


Lite-On 0225 LT+ (IN TESTING):
Lite-On 0225 drives are write protected. There is a new drive unlock kit that is being released by Xecuter which will allow these drives to be flashed. This drive has not had its firmware updated with the new dashboard. As this drive has not been updated by the new dashboard, it is undetermined which LT+ version it will be. The only certainty is that there will be a new LT+ for this drive.

The kit costs $75.

It looks like all they did was buy a bunch of 0225 Drives and unlocked them. So really what your doing is buying a new 0225 Drive because your’s is locked. I would think you could just order a 9504 Drive, which would be cheaper then the unlocked 0225 Drive, and Flash that with your DVD Key.

Just wait for LT+ v2.0.

C4eva figures 2.0 will take a long time to produce. That’s exactly why he decided to make a 1.9 so everyone could still play backups “safely” online in the meantime.