Jake's Modded Breach GPD

Breach GPD

This is what it should look like but u wont have as much xp :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Highest Rank Online
  • Lots of credits to buy Perks and stuff
  • All gun class are maxed out

If it isn’t working reset your stats then replace your gpd with mine.

Enjoy!! :thumbsup:

Nice, Thanks.
I Had lost all hope,
i failed trying it on my own lol :cry:

This is why he deserves MOTM.

agreed he does deserve MOTM you are amazing jake <3

Thanks man, great post!


You should make a thread with ALL of your GPD’s :smiley:

Lol thanks for release and I see what you did thar you toned down the XP so you can be on top alone :smiley:

lol yea

Sweet Thanks!

i gotta say thanks for toning it down too.
really didn’t wana be way up there lol

Thanks Jake i was thinking of buying this game, will save this for later :wink:

I cant get it to work it either wont work or corrupts my profile

Jake. I love you and your XBLA hacks. :smile:

Oh noez we are going to get hate messages!

Jake make sure to add a disclaimer, everyone needs to know that you may get banned for this. This will register on the leader boards, so just an FYI be aware of anything that may happen.

Thanks Jake.

can some one send me a tut to do this im stupid

Pretty simple, let me explain.

  • Open your profile in Horizon
  • Go to Contents
  • Search for the gpd number “The file name”
  • Right-Click, Replace/Insert file
  • Save, Rehash & Resign
  • Now Your Finished!

This is sick.

i just bought Breach, and now I will be the highest ran, lol!

Thanks, you sir are truly Epic!

thanks, very nice.
i thought you had to have a j-tag to play this.

jake is the BEST!!! :thumbsup: