Job Interview

I applied for a job last week and got a call yesterday to interview Thursday at noon. The job is at a school for IT computer technical assistant. Any advice on job interviews? this is my first one and i have not had a job before, this is all new to me.

-Be yourself / confident!
-Leave everything in the car but a pen / wallet.
-Dress to impress.
-Ask questions.
-That nervous feeling in your gut never goes away.

I wouldn’t say that, you normally should bring extra copies of resumés, references and what not just incase they ask for it. They should have it already but sometimes they don’t.

Find out as much about the company as possible. Companies like to hire people that do research

This my friend got asked what he knew about the company in an interview and he had no idea, he didn’t end up getting the job.

Prepare answers for potential questions which may be relevant to the position being applied for.
I applied for a similar position in a hospital and this was some of the things i was asked.

Open Me
  • Why do you wish to apply for the position.
  • Any experience ? ~ Any at all even it may not be professional experience
  • What skills or qualifications do you have for this position.
  • Any experience with a ticket system when dealing with support requests.
  • If a teacher was asking you constantly to show them how to perform a particular task how would you combat this.
  • If you were asked to help with the system which is related to students personal information, do you understand how to keep this information confidential
  • First in, First Out?
  • Given scenario of different requests, which should you tackle first and complete in which order

Cant think of anymore atm
But obviously think of as many as you can, run through the scenario with a friend, ensure you can talk loudly but not shouting and in a clear manner.
Eye contact
No fidgeting
You do the talking as much as you can but dont waffle.
And ensure to answer the question.

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Open Me

No, but seriously just be yourself and stay calm.

Dress smartly and shake the hand of the interviewer. Also make eye contact as much as possible without it being awkward. The first 10 seconds can be the most important part of the interview as good first impressions are crucial. Smile aswell. Also, know as much about the company as you can. Even little things like how many employees there are or when it was founded. Also back every answer up with an example of a life experience. Finally, have a question from yourself to ask the interviewer, this shows that your keen.

Good luck.

-Be prepared
-Stay calm
-Be yourself
-Act confident
-Don’t be shy
-Make a good first impression

Good Luck!

-Wear clean underwear
-Brush your teeth
-Don’t wear a Fubu or Rokawear t shirt
-Don’t get drunk the night before(tonight)
-And absolutely don’t wear bright lipstick unless your a chick

Being serious, you should be fine if you’re qualified for the job and don’t panic. Good luck tomorrow man.

Follow this guide, works great.

Just be yourself and follow what everyone said. At least turn your phone to silent and make sure you have a pen.

When asked why you want the job, say you’ve always had an interest in pursuing jailbait.
If he looks at you funny, say guys not girls as he’ll probably be able to empathize with you and will hand you the job on the spot. Good luck.

Lol fine don’t wear the lipstick but if you dont get the job we all know who to blame

Maybe you sucked the **** in the past for a job or two and your bright lipstick helped. I don’t feel that’s an issue for this guy as he’s not looking to land a position as a drag prostitute.

it took 10 minutes, group of 5 people interviewed me it went good, they said have a few positions open. they would let me know next Friday. they asked about my education, , why they should hire me, teacher priories would be, what i thought of where technology would be in 5 years with education, if i had any smart board experience, windows server since i had that on my resume.

Well, I’m sure you did well enough to get one of the positions; update us next week.
…now we wait!

Best of luck!

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Don’t **** your pants mid interview. That would STAIN your chances of getting the job.


well no call today, should i call them in a few days?