JoshuaT - GPD Downloader

This is a simple app, I am not going to make a big thread as its midnight and I want to go to bed, but I have this tool that I just made

Download: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
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This is very quick but the title changes while it downloads, depending on your internet speed you may or may not see this, and then it changes back to dumping all the results and listing them

I may re-do my whole GPD database and include images as well, like for each GPD, but if so that is the next task, and wont be for a while, I got college

Woah, solid app with clean UI.
Very convenient if you can’t get your orig GPD back.

+10 Internetz for you friend :smile:

you should have a option where users can upload there own to your application. i have about oh 3000 id share

GUI is clean, thanks.

I can do that, but I dont want people messing with my database and like uploading crap you see, so it would be nice, but I dont want everything messed with

but if you would like to RAR them and send them to me, I will gladly add and share them

when you update it, add a SEARCH feature

Im confused, look in the first image, at the bottom “Search GPDs” that is a search feature :S

ohh sorry missed that, i was only looking at the second one

ok i just finished raring them, what is your email so i can send them to u.

Upload them to megaupload and PM me the download link, it may be too big for an email

il upload them to mediafire and pm u the link. i dont have a megaupload account yet.


Nice app man!

Keep it up!


When I open the program, it immediately gives me this:

Oh it’s this troll again -.-

Checks out program

Thanks For This.

I Pooped When Oscars Went Down :cry:

:S Oscars went down :S

The application NEEDs to connect to the internet, see if your firewall is blocking it

also when you lanch the application does it even show the app or not?

I’m not understanding the advantage of this over horizons game adder. Doesn’t this do the exact same thing but you still have to inject it into your profile?

The stopped working message appeared for me to! And I couldnt find it in my firewalls!

Anyone have a copy of this program given that Megaupload is down?