JoshXD's Desktop Background (Winner of my contest!)

So he wanted it to be a Fallout themed desktop background, basically what I did was render the text Fallout: New Vegas in Cinema 4D and bring it into Photoshop and make a nature background with it.

I know that it’s not a fallout theme, but I still think it looks great.


Edit. Hey cant everyone else just take for them self too?

Amazing. I currently have the horizon nature theme as my background.

Yeah it doesn’t matter to me though too be honest.

Looks amazing Nick!

Reminds me of Far Cry 3 cause of the nature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Been playing that recently.

Lucky **********er lol congrats!

I’m still using that same one from the join me speed art session deal last week, that was a great time.

Hey there will be more sessions like that.

That’s the one I’m using :o #nick4GFXoverlord

Doesn’t enter/win n i c k’s background Giveaway yet still able to get the prize

Seriously, I think it looks pretty cool; I definitely like the forest part of the graphic.
Thanks for sharing!

I really dig the nature theme. The vines in between the text looks great. I wish I could do stuff like this lol