Joy Ride Turbo Xbox 360 Code

I was “among the lucky Xbox Live Gold members selected to receive a free code for Joy Ride Turbo on for the Xbox 360” but I don’t have an Xbox 360 so one of you guys can have it:

No requirements.

Thanks for this !

thanks for this it is a cool game I always wanted it :smile:

After confirming it with Pav, I’ve decided to be generous and enter this Giveaway on behalf of weiner23…he’s been looking for a new game and has been keeping active as a new member!

Thanks for the Giveaway Jimmy!
Best of luck to all who enter!

Thanks for the giveaway jimjam

thanks bro :smile:

I entered the contest but I haven’t gotten the code yet may I please get this code my son always wanted to get this game

Hey pal, entering the contest only gives you a chance of winning sadly. If you win you’ll find out on saturday and I’ll message you the code.

Entered, thanks for the giveaway bro.

if I win ill give u the code friend for your son :smile:

Alright thanks for the giveaway

I’m backing away from this since I already have this game I hope all of you are happy and congrats to who ever wins! Thanks to Jimmy for the giveaway!

Congratulations to Steve Wonda! Sending the code your way now.

Thanks Jimmy! I’m sure my son and nephews will enjoy it.