JTAG Falcon, Zephyr, Jasper, or Xenon?

Which JTAG? I hear Xenon work the best, BUT FAIL LIKE A *****!! Falcon’s Works the best! And Zephyr’s are better than Xenon’s. What about Jaspers though?? Which one would you recommend? This guy Sells the Xenon and zephyr for $140 already jtag’d. Falcon are $170. He’s off TTG Sticky so he legit!

btw, some kid told me zephyr dont even work no more for online is this true.??

I would get a Falcon, Xenons are notorious for 3 red rings.

im thinking of getting a zephyr

I actually heard a Jasper is the best you can get. It’s like the latest JTAGable console.

ya me to but expensive

Falcon is the best.

Get Jasper If You Want Quality. Depends On You’re Price Range Though.

Im thinking of zephry or falcon. If i had cash id go with falcon but, probably just going to go with a zephry because is better than xenon, the guy fan mods it! Jtagged Xbox 360’s For Sale! there he is

No. They both have same motherboard and will Rrod every freaking week. There **** systems and just don’t buy them dude. Spend the money for a falcon and have a ever lasting system. Trust me.

https://www.wemod.com/forum/23-xbox-360-jtag-modding/4218-jtag-facts/2.html go read that it has a ton of info.

I would get a falcon or if you have money the jasper. I’m probably going to buy a jtagd elite with falcon mobo that comes with a 120 gb hdd and 8gb USB or a jasper for 150 and a team xecuter NAND reader

Jasper is the best I believe.

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