JTAG online cost?

just outta curiosity how much would it cost to get a jtag online?? please don’t give me a random number, give me a somewhat official number haha.

haha funny … a JTAG online … HAHAH xD theres about 30 people who can do that for longer than 2 matches … >.>

i know i’m wondering, if they would sell it, how much it would cost someone.

like … more than 5K im betting

cost an arm and a leg :wink: there’s no point in even asking how much because the person won’t sell it but I would say around $300 that’s what I think anyway

i heard that cheater can do it anyone able to find out from him for sure? or how much he would sell it for if he would?

i know they wont sell if but wondering how much they would sell it for, just curious.

No one is going to sell it, don’t even bother.

Yes cheater can get online. We were playing COD4 and he said at the minimum it would cost you 50k from him.

dam thats less than teh1337 tho >.< lol

Lol it would cost much more than you would make of using it. No point. Stick to offline Jtag’s.

I might know someone who would do it for like 2k. Lol
If you’re really willing to pay that much.

Tell cheater i have 50k waiting for him in about 3 years lol. Id i won the lottery i would pay him and more :stuck_out_tongue: .

You’re an idiot if you’d buy it or any other gaming console for that much.
OP you won’t get a jtag online, best you’d get is a glitched slim.

Im not 100% on this but if you can get a dev console can’t you go online for ages with them?

if you can buy one thats not banned but still incredibly hard to use if u dont know what you are doing.

Dev kits connect to PNET not xbox live.

Not really… A dev kit operates the same way as a retail Xbox, but just has some extra features like developing/debugging on them. You don’t need to know anything to connect to PNet, because it’s identical to regular Xbox Live. The only thing you need to know stuff for is running code/debugging, and that obviously isn’t required.

On Topic: I don’t think anyone would sell it honestly… If they sell it to someone, it would probably get leaked and then it would get patch, and there would be no more online jtags. Honestly though, it would be a waste of money, and it’s even a stupid topic to discuss in my opinion.

He means they can be modified to connect to XBL…

Not really… Getting a dev kit to connect to Live would take an unreasonable amount of work, and would be a complete waste of time… I’m 99% sure no one has done this, and it’s just stupid to do.