jTag or LT3.0 for new xbox360?

I am going to buy xbox360

What would be the best solution to play games ( I don’t play online at all and never will )

LT 3.0

What are downsides and benefits?


You dont need disc(s)

Some overheat

Flahed it pretty much point less if your never going online and you waite money on Disc(s), iHaz burner etc…

Jtag or RGH is your best bet. :smile:

I’d like to have you opt for a 3rd option, an RGH. Same sense as a JTAG with a lot less problems.

Which of the version has less chances to gets RROD ?

RGH can be done on the newer styled consoles (Slim, and assuming it’s on the correct dash board) and will make RRoD almost non-existent.

It all depends on what you are looking to do with the console. If you’re planning on not going online, I would recommend a RGH as it would not be going online, and you would have the option of playing backed up games from an external HDD without use of discs.

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Thank you gusy

Just a very small question.
I am not sure about RGH here as its only sold jTag or LT moded
If I am going to get jTag ( if RGH not possible ) then how long hrs I can play ?

I am a hard core gamer I play long hrs and finish every game :stuck_out_tongue:

I am looking for a solutoin which can provide me long hours play instead of 2-3hrs play n then make it cool n then play that doesn’t make any sense for me on a console rather I would go with my HP QUAD CORE (4) CPU with 8GIG RAM and 1GB GPU with HDMI. but with this I can not USE MY 32LED TV just because of proper placement :anguished:

I don’t play online and I never will. I am not fan of it.

I want to know what is best solution for offline play for long hrs

  2. Long Hours game play
  3. Less issues.

RGH is a different thing than JTAG. They both accomplish the same thing, but are different methods. An RGH Slim would be able to provide that as they run more reliably than the older modeled JTAG consoles.

Flashed consoles will also provide this reliability, but would need to be updated as new firmware becomes available.