[Jtag] Storm And Glitchnez lobbies



Hey Guys its Storm I will be hosting COD4 And MW2 Suicide Lobbies EveryDay!

[/size] [size=30]To get in these Lobbies, I will bump the thread and say opened. Message xmb storm For a invite please remember people want to get in also so just be patient.[/size]

HELP ME GET MW2 DISC DONATE TO crossfirecust@gmail.com if you please
ABSOLUTELY NO KILLING i will end the game and start a new lobby and block you.
Im also doing system link, Just AIM me XMB skydive.
So yea !


LOBBY STATUS OPEN System linking

[/size] [size=35]Schedule Sunday:Anytime Monday:Anytime Tuesday: after 5 pm CST Wednesday: after 9 pm cst Thursday: after 5 pm CST Friday:Anytime Saturday:Anytime [/size][size=35]So thanks XMB FOR SUCH A GREAT COMMUNITY![/size]

I dont want donations its FREE :smile:

Thanks Whats up jonny for vid

Everyone who was DE-RANKED. I copied the wrong .FF To my JTAG =[ Im really sorry.


System Link services
I will be doing this so i will be posting what i need.
Please Post in this thread what you would like.
MW2 OR COD4 11TH or Tenth
Challenges unlocked Yes or No
Pm me your login details Please do not contact me on AIM Unless iam doing your account.
People in line:
People i have done:
Also i need help with COD4 System link so can someone PM me how.



[size=25][b]Welcome to Glitchnez's Lobby Thread.[/b][/size]

The XboxMB community has does so much for me, I want to return something. Starting Monday, February 21st, I will be hosting 10th Lobbies on CoD4 and MW2 everyday. This lobby will give you XP only, and allow to prestige as many times as you want.
I know many people offer this, but their lobbies fill up very fast because too many people are joining. I am only offering this to XMB members, so their shouldn’t be problems joining.


  • Do Not Spam Me
  • Do Not Ask For Challenges ect.
  • Do Not Trash Talk Others in Lobby
  • If I Say to Not Use a Certain Gun/Perk ect., Please Don’t Use It
  • If You Are Already 10th or Your Desired Prestige, Back Out to Make Room

Send a Private Chat to “EcHo x Negative” and Join My Session, Do Not Message Me or Send Friend Request!
When You Join, Kill Someone or Kill Yourself to Receive Max XP
When You Get Your Desired Rank, Back Out.
If You Want To, Prestige and Join Back Until Desired Prestige.

Lobby Status: OFFLINE
Current Game Being Hosted On:None

I only have silver on my account, so if anyone can donate a 48 hour/ 1 month that will be VERY appreciated!!!
If You Get In Please Post :smile:

My Youtube:
YouTube - Glitchnez’s Channel

whoaaa nice thread. i might join when you get home. hmu then

HMU? Lol what does this mean?

hit me up. how dont you know that :smiley:

I dont speak 1337. Lol

YAY ! :smile:

Thanks for doing this. i have a pvr so i’ll record it if i get in tonight.

gt: Kuhnetiic

Yea just send me a F/R

Cool Ill add u I have a dazzle so I post your lobbies on youtube

I’d love to join and record. I got a dazzle.

Hosting now COD4

great thread lad

Can I get an invite : CoonLoX

Send me F/R

O boy i cant wait lawlz

This is soo boring.


hey i was wondering wen ur doin mw2 cause i presteiged on my one account and didnt want to so if u could get me in to a lobby just till level 70 it would be great. gt- zoravi

cool thread i guess

Still Hosting

You taking donations? XD